DVGs/Community Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods Support Department (CESLD)


  • Engage in Livelihoods Analysis, food security assessment and alternative livelihood support to Disaster Victims, vulnerable groups and Hazard Prone Communities.
  • Responsible for building Data Base of Hazards (agronomic Hazards) that may impact food security situation in the country
  • Contribute to food and nutrition situation analysis towards humanitarian intervention
  • Advice on programs and implement initiatives towards employment generation and poverty reduction of disaster victims and people living in disaster prone communities.
  • Build capacity of Disaster Volunteer Groups (DVGs) in employable skills and support these groups with environmentally sustainable livelihoods intervention
  • Create and implement alternative livelihoods intervention programs for communities whose major livelihoods sources pose the risk of environmental degradation and pollution of water bodies.

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