Finance & Administration


  • General Administration.
  • Procurement (Cleaning).
  • Budget (Costing, Budgeting).
  • Accounts (Warehousing/Stores, Personal Emolument, Revenue, Expenditure, Salary Abstract)
  • Personnel (Welfare, Promotions, Recruitment and Replacement)
  • General Services (Stationery, Estates and Utilities, Office Equipment, Registry).
  • Legal.


  • Design and develop a control mechanism that ensures accurate and timely financial reporting in all areas of NADMO.
  • Coordinate the drawing up of financial plans for the organization and ensure the availability of adequate funds for smooth operations.
  • Ensure the implementation of effective accounting system.
  • Formulate strategies, policies and procedure for effective financial management.
  • Manage statutory reports, provide financial analysis and recommendation for management decision as well as ensures internal and legal compliance.
  • Mobilize funds for projects through bilateral, multilateral and donor agencies and countries.
  • Provide strategic direction for the effective management of the procurement function.
  • Coordinate and review all administrative activities at all levels.
  • Devise effective procedures for maintaining employees’ records system and the update of such information.
  • Provide technical input to the terms of reference for work by consultants in M&E of staff recruitment, placement and welfare.
  • Develop and establish the capacity to monitor, communicate and respond to the need of the organization’s employee.
  • Formulate and disseminate policy decisions and liaise with the appropriate authorities.

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