The Hydrometeorological Disasters’ Department serves as the secretariat for the National Technical Committee on Hydrological Disasters.  It carries out its activities in collaboration with its Technical Committee to deal with issues pertaining to floods, wind/rain storms and drought in the country.

Duties Of Hydrometeorological Department

  • Organising Hydrometeorological Technical Committee meetings.
  • Prepare Annual Action Plan for the Hydromet Department, and ensuring the implementation of decisions to make the action plan functional.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and the preparation of Reports on Hydromet disasters.
  • Collection of information for writing and submission of situation reports on hydrometeorological disasters.
  • Conduction of Rapid Needs Assessment and Damage Assessment in hydrometeorological disaster affected areas.
  • Handling of complains in relation to flood disasters.
  • Monitoring of G.I.S in the hydrological services department on the White Volta etc.
  • Mapping of flood prone areas across the country.
  • Review and updating of existing data collection in the country, i.e. data on displaced persons, injured people, dead people, houses and farms etc.
  • Identification and the creation of safe heavens.
  • Public education on hydrometeorological disasters.
  • Registration of affected victims and relief administration.

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