The administrative department performs a vital service in accordance with the overall objectives of the organization .These are to ensure that the personnel, tools and equipment, and support services of the organisation function in a very economical and efficient manner.

The immediate supervisor of the department is the Deputy National Co-ordinator (DNC) Administration. Directly under him is CDCO/Administration, the Director for General Services and Human Resources. He has as his Deputies:

  • The Deputy Chief Disaster Control Officer - Human Resources
  • The Deputy Chief Disaster Control Officer - General Administration.

The administrative department has the under listed units and sections under it, which units and sections can be found at all levels, national, regional and districts:

  • Human resource
  • Registry
  • Secretarial/Computer section
  • Reception
  • Stationary stores
  • Transport
  • Estates
  • Security
  • Clinic/Health

The department is responsible for the provision of general services of the organization, co-ordination, and oversight of the activities of the Units and Sections under the General Services, and Human Resources Units.


  • The department provides General Administrative and Human Resources Services to the organization.
  • Plans and supervises the provision of General Administrative and Human Resources Services to the Organization.
  • Develops and reviews policies and makes recommendations or suggestions, with regard to the provision of General Services and Human Resources for adoption by Management.
  • Provides requisite data/information on matters relating to the units/sections under General Services and Human Resources to aid management’s decisions.
  • Handles all policy matters relating to Stationery (stores), Estates, office Equipment (Secretarial Unit) and the Registry Prepare policy and strategic documents.
  • Undertake Monitoring and Evaluation activities.
  • Embark on Public education and identity and image building, protection and restoration.
  • Assist in annual Budget preparation.
  • Identifies items for Procurement.
  • Ensures the provision of human and material resources (personnel, transport, estate, and health services) for the prevention, preparedness, emergency response and rehabilitation operations.
  • Responses to audit questions, implementation of audit reports, and responses to questions by Parliament on NADMO.
  • Seeks the protection, welfare and wellbeing of staff.
  • Monitors discipline and efficient performance by staff.
  • Co-ordinates the preparation of Annual, Half-year and quarterly reports and any others as requested.

Liaison with Other Directors or Heads Of Department
In pursuance of its objectives and for the efficient running of NADMO, staff in the department liaise with and support other Departments to strengthen the general administration and management of human and non-human resources for effective Disaster Management by the Organisation.

The DNC and CDCO/Administration initiates or actively participates in the formulation of new policies for the betterment of the organization. They among others.

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