Bagre Dam Spillage: Deputy Director-General of Operations NADMO warns Residents to avoid river banks

Farmers and residents along the White Volta in the Upper East Region Bawku West, Talensi,Bunkpurigu and others have been advised to stay off the river banks until the Bagre dam spillage is over.

Deputy Director General in charge of Operations of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), gave this caution at Galaka, Sapeliga during his tour of the Upper East Region towards the spillage of the Burkina Faso dam.

The annual spillage of the Bagre dam by Burkinabe authorities is often associated with dangers of flooding for farmers and residents along the White Volta.

It is feared some farms and settlements along the White Volta would be submerged following the spillage.

Addressing NADMO staff at Zebilla, the Deputy Director-General said "Operation Thunder Bolt" was aimed to put in enough measures on the ground to avert a heavy impact should the Bagre dam in Burkina Faso is spilled and the rains continue to fall then there will be 24hrs monitoring of all the emergency operation centres to have an efficient daily on bases to monitor should they spill the dam at midnight.

Additionally, Mr. Abu Ramandan, advised farmers to be cautious when the dam opened. Farmers who have farms along the river banks should cease going to their farms until the spillage is over and that they should not say they are going there to either continue with farming activities or to take their farm produce. It is very dangerous and the government of Ghana and Ghanaians need the single soul of everyone he warned.

The Chief of Sapeliga, Naba Ayagiba Emmanuel Mbangiba was grateful to NADMO for its response to the area whenever there is an emergency but pleaded with NADMO to give farmers and residents proper education on the effects of floods rather than giving them what will not equate their losses.

Farmers near the White Volta has disrespected the Buffer Zone regulator giving farmers to farm 50 metres away from the river by Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Earlier, Hon. Moses Adukpam, Director of NADMO Bawku West district who led the team to site where the two countries, Burkina Faso and the republic of Togo confluence meets appealed to the organization to employ more staff to opt men the few existing staff to enable the office run effectively.

With the team were Wilfred Tesia, Director of operations National, Paul Wooma Deputy director in charge of operations Upper East region and other officials.

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