The Director-General of NADMO attends International Conference on Disaster

Hon. Eric Nana Agyeman-Prempeh, the Director General of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has joined his colleagues for an International Conference on Disaster Management in the Russian City of Noginsk. This was on the theme: International Humanitarian Assistance, Experience, Realities, and Prospects.

The rationale for the conference, taking into consideration the evolving humanitarian architecture, unpredictable and complex nature of disasters, the need to have strong and reliable national mechanisms to receive international assistance and coordinate national and international response efforts is rapidly growing. It is critical to increase the effectiveness of response and make every effort to save lives and provide adequate assistance to affect people in a timely fashion.

The International Conference which was jointly organized by EMERCOM (Emergency Control Ministry) of Russia and UNOCHA (United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs) was aimed at discussing the current status of international assistance during large scale natural disasters, identifying challenges in coordination of response operations, shared best pratices, developing recommendations for further strengthening of humanitarian response and optimizing the use of resources.

The leading disaster management experts from National Disaster Management Agencies and International Organisations presented on a number of critical thematic areas including; National Perspectives on receiving International Assistance and its Integration in National Response Efforts, Response Coordination Challenges during Large Scale sudden onset Disasters, Coordination of International Search and Rescue Teams, Response Readiness Deployment and Coordination of International Emergency Medical Teams, Standard- Setting for Provision of International Assistance, Development of the Global Crisis Management Centres Network European Union Civil Protection Modules.

The conference brought together Disaster Management Experts from National Disaster Management Agencies, International Organisations and the United Nations Secretariat, Agencies, Funds and Programs. The International Conference took place in the framework of the X1International Integrated Safety and Security Exhibition 2018.

The Director General of NADMO, who led a delegation from Ghana said the conference was very fruitful and gave the participants an insight into modern day Disaster Management skills and how to collaborate with other major countries to mitigate the effects of disaster on any given economy. He also said many funding avenues for disaster agencies such as Ghana’s NADMO was made known to the participating countries and how they can access such funds to help manage their various agencies effectively.

Hon. Nana Agyeman-prempeh, Director General of NADMO Ghana seized the opportunity to visit the EMERCOM ACADEMY where modern technological methods of disaster is taught. The delegation also visited the famous Red Square, the Seat of the Government, Jesus Christ the Savior Tower, and St Petersburg. The Ghanaian delegation has since returned home.

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