NADMO consoles family of 3 deceased children

Following reports of a fire incident at Klagon, a suburb of Tema on 25th March, 2018 which claimed the lives of 3 children, a team from the NADMO Headquarters led by the Deputy Director General, Technical and Reforms, Mr. Seji Saji visited the residence of the family of the 3 deceased children to commiserate with them. 

According to the report, at about 5:30am, there was a fire outbreak at Klagon, which completely burnt down a wooden structure (Kiosk) housing the children and personal belongings of the family. 

Narrating the unfortunate incident, the Assemblyman for the area, Mujeeb Kutia welcomed the delegation and said the fire was caused by a lit candle being used as a source of light for the victims who were then deeply asleep. This occurred in the absence of their father who was away at work and the mother who had gone to fetch water.


A visibly worried Seji Saji noted that upon receiving reports about the incident, he quickly organised his team and arranged for assistance for the family, adding, no amount of relief can replace the lives lost. A donation of assorted items including mattresses, buckets, plates, cups and rice amongst others were presented to support the victims.  The Assemblyman, on behalf of the family, expressed appreciation to NADMO for the kind gesture.

Messrs, Rexford Okine and Gavivina Tamakloe, Directors in charge of Fires and Lightning and Relief and Reconstruction respectively were part of the delegation.

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