NADMO Partners UNDP to discuss Contingency Plan

A 2-member team from Senegal, led by Madam Mercy Manyala of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), is currently in NADMO on the invitation of the Director-General of the organisation to help employ measures to operationalize its (NADMO) Contingency Plan.

The group will be working with some senior Directors and staff from selected departments of the organisation like the Relief & Reconstruction, Disease Epidemics, MERIT, Pests & Insects as well as Geological/Radiological Departments.

As part of the 3-day working visit, participants were taken through exercises in Coordination and Information, Response Planning as well as the organisation’s Standard Operating Procedures among others.

The discussions and group exercises were mainly based on floods being the most common form of disaster faced by Ghana.

However, this can be used to improve the multi Contingency Plan.

Copies of the final plan would be submitted to the Director-General of NADMO, Eric Nana Agyeman-Prempeh and other key stakeholders for further action.

 The opening session was graced by the Deputy Director-General (Technical) Seji Saji, Directors of selected departments and representatives from the UNDP.

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