Implementation of NADMO Act 927 in Process

The process of preparing regulations to implement the National Disaster Management (NADMO) Act has begun with a workshop held at the Rosapearl Hotel in Kumasi from Thursday, 29th September to the 1st of October, 2017.

Having operated for the past twenty years, it became significant that NADMO was given a renewed mandate. This necessitated the enactment of a new law to strengthen the operations of the organisation in order to manage disasters more efficiently. The new Act 2016 (Act 927) prescribes that regulation be made on the following:

  • Procurement of goods, equipment, personnel accommodation and other services in times of disaster and emergency.
  • Safety measures for the public.
  • State of alertness in respect of the declaration of state of emergency.
  • Emergency management plans
  • Reporting procedures for disaster management
  • Terms of mutual aid agreement
  • Dissemination of information
  • Evacuation procedures and other matters necessary for the effective implementation of the provisions of the Act.

The new NADMO law, Act 2016 (Act 927) has given NADMO a paradigm shift from reactive to proactive disaster risk management.

It is expected that by the end of the first quarter of 2018, the legislative instrument would have been finalized and promulgated.

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