NADMO tours areas affected by Tidal Waves

A team from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) led by the Director General, Hon. Eric Nana Agyemang-Prempeh on Monday June 12, 2017 embarked on a two-day assessment tour of affected communities along Ghana’s coastline which were hit by tidal waves. The purpose was to ascertain the impact of the tidal waves, offer relief and counselling to the displaced.

All four coastal regions were affected as follows:


District/Municipalities Communities CasualtiesCasualties
(No. of persons) 
Impact on fishing gear 
 Volta  Ketu South Adina/Blekusu  973 displaced  Nets and boats destroyed 
Keta   Xorvi/Kedzi  Nil Nets and boats destroyed 
Greater Accra   Ada West Akplabanya/Anyamam  1302 displaced  Nets and boats destroyed 
 Kpone Katamanso    Nil  Nets and boats destroyed 
Central  Gomoa East   Apam   Nil Nets and boats destroyed 
 Gomoa West  Nyanyano Nil  Nets and boats destroyed 
 Cape Coast Cape Coast beach (One)1 death  Nets and boats destroyed 
 KEEA  Elmina  Nil  Nets and boats destroyed 
 Western  Shamaa Anlo Beach  908  Nets and boats destroyed 
Nzema East   Axim  1744 Nets and boats destroyed 

Presentation of Relief Items
During his interaction with affected persons, the Director General, Hon. Eric Nana Agyemang-Prempeh advised that communities close to the coastal belt to consider relocating to safer grounds. He also advised against sand winning on the coast line as the sand serves as a natural buffer that protects the communities from the ravages of the sea.He presented relief items at Adina and Blekusu (Volta Region), Anlo beach and Axim (Western Region). He also made a special presentation of rice to the local volunteers in Apam who participated in the rescue effort. 

In Blekusu, Adina and Anlo beach, the affected persons who had already identified safer ground were willing to relocate. They therefore asked for government’s support to ease their movement.  In Apam, the Chief fishermen requested support for the local volunteer group to encourage them. He further requested for an improvement in the Early Warning System to enable them use their own Public Address System to disseminate weather warnings. The Eguale River that empties into the sea in Axim was silted. The community members called for desilting and reengineering as well as the reconstruction of the Axim Sea Defence Wall.


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