NADMO partners North Dakota for 2018 Simulation Exercise

As part of its capacity building, NADMO in collaboration with the North Dakota National Guard is planning a full scale simulation exercise for the year 2018 using an earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale as a scenario.

As part of this, a five member team from the North Dakota National Guard has arrived in Ghana on a scoping mission to brainstorm on what emergency system to test and plan with stakeholders towards this national exercise.

Critical areas being considered for this exercise include the Southern part of Ghana; comprising the Western, Central, Greater Accra, Eastern and Volta Regions. Also mapped for this exercise are possible critical infrastructure that could be affected by an earthquake. These include but not limited to the Takoradi Port, Weija Dam, Akosombo Dam and Tema Harbor.

The above sites have been visited to assess the infrastructure and the disaster preparedness plans of those critical infrastructure. This is to help the team identify possible emergency scenes and areas to test.
Stakeholders included in the planning of this national exercise include the National Ambulance Service, Fire Service, the Military and the Police Service.


NADMO has been in collaboration with the North Dakota National Guard since 2006. Beyond this, they have supported the establishment of the Web EOC at the headquarters, Regional and ten pilot districts.

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